Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Published!

Ok, so I am tooting my own horn. I was asked by Etsy (the site where I have three e-tail shops) to write an article about running a site wide sale for The Storque (their information board) specifically in the "How To" section. They published the article on September 16. Just thought I would share it with you. The shop I wrote the article under is called "The Artists Closet" (www.theartistscloset.etsy.com) All the things you see in blue are clickable and lead to the referenced persons shops. Hope you enjoy it. It sure was fun writing it!

Here is the link to it, just click on it:



Krazy Kate Designs said...

We're so proud of you on ESST! It was a wonderful article filled with insight on handling a monster event.

Anonymous said...

Congrsats sweetie, you so deserve it. Great blog. Surprised you have any time to keep one up.

Anonymous said...