Friday, October 3, 2008

My Life List

Visit Paris with my family and find my ancestors HoMe in Perche France tell my husband I love him eVeRyDaY with a ((((hug)))) learn metalsmith jewelry Visit/Live/Travel in Europe for a few years get a tattoo meditate more exercise visit MOMA read more for pleasure create new collage Drive an RV across the USA write in my blog learn oil painting LAUGH lose weight take voice lessons again go on a road trip with no predetermined destination have better posture save money win the lottery remember to play the lottery learn French plant a vegetable garden keep in touch with old friends meet the Dalai Lama become a better photographer watch a Little PRINCESS again play with my DoG more write poetry make sure my boys know how much I love them, always....finish MY LIST !

feel free to share with me your list....


LeaKarts said...

What a wonderful list :) I love your "remember to play the lottery"--I am the same way! Want to win but never remember to play lol!

Denise said...

Agreed Lea- We will both have to be better at this if we want to win :)

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Denise,
I see we are in the same club, the 50 and fabulous club!
Hey, my hubby and i want to rv across the u.s. one of these days too. There's so much to see in our own country that we would love to see together. Maybe we'll meet you on the road some day.
I'll think of you when I'm in Paris next week. and I believe that someday you will get there too!