Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Musings ~ Art School Here I Come!

As I shared with you a few weeks back, we are pleased my son, Evan, has been accepted into Massachusetts College of Art for September 2009. I, personally, am relieved that the stress of a young adult at this junction in his life in wondering "where I will be in the Fall" has been eliminated. Peace and calm have returned (for both Mom and son - Dad is the calmer one)!

I have two sons and the firstborn (graduating this year) attends a Private Liberal Arts College. I have to admit it was such a different process applying to colleges in the Visual Arts. Not only do you have to go through the academic admissions requirements, but you also have the added stress of submitting a portfolio of one's best creative work. Supporting my son in the process of building his Art portfolio was a somewhat intimidating experience for me as a parent. Of course, I truly believe everything he or his brother creates is wonderful and highly Artistic. Witness the "gallery wall" in my bedroom of my favorite pieces from their youth, to other pieces I have incorporated into vignettes throughout my home. As my son often reminds me, "Your saying that because you're my Mom." Maybe, but like most mom's, I believe in my children. (Click on photos for closeup view ;)

After attending "National Portfolio Review Day", we realized Art schools were quite varied in their expectations of what constituted a strong portfolio. It became stressful and difficult figuring out what did the college desire from you as a potential student and young artist - which pieces do you include? But despite this, my son rose to the occasion and with relative calm, focus and determination (in spite of his neurotic mother), completed the application process early, including the portfolio, in a timely fashion. (We're proud of you Evan).

A sigh of relief has been expelled by all of us and the stress has been replaced by the excitement of looking toward his future. I am especially grateful he will only be an hour and a half away and we look forward to visiting him in the wonderful city of Boston.

Sites I found useful in searching for Art Schools - click on underlined link:

Art School Credentials and Accreditation -Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design

Informal list of Art Schools in USA - National Association of Schools of Art and Design

Here are a few pieces from Evan's portfolio:


SleightGirl said...

Wow! Verrrry talented!

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

What a great journey he has ahead of him. Wonderful talent!!! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

yayy evan!! that slideshow of his work clearly shows he has an eye for detail, and should never, ever doubt his talent :0)

LeaKarts said...

You are such a good mom--I love your gallery wall! He is going to do great in art school!

BlueTerracotta said...

His work is great and really varied! I especially love his use of color (the flowers are my favorites)!