Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday Food Feature ~ Cooking Art

Here is a Simple but fun recipe from the book "Cooking Art:Easy Edible Art for Young Children" by Authors Mary Ann Kohl and Jean Potter. Feel free to click on the image of the book if your interested in purchasing or looking at it further. Younger children love this activity!

Painted Toast

1 piece of bread per child
Food Coloring


  1. Mix the milk with a few drops of food coloring. Make one or more colors.
  2. Using a clean paintbrush, have each child dip their brush into the tinted milk and make a design on their bread.
  3. Place the bread in the toaster oven and toast.
  4. Eat!
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Christine said...

What a cute idea. Never though of painting bread. I wish I had a kid to do this with! :)

♥ xtine

The Pink Bird House said...

What a cute idea, I just might try that since my youngest is not yet too young that she would not have fun with something like that! Thanks for sharing such a nice idea.