Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday ~ Featured Artist ~ Sascalia

Dreaming of Spring
Today's featured artist has a shop on Etsy where she sells Mixed Media Paintings and Prints. Her shop is named "Sascalia" which is a combination of her children's names. Sascalia was born in rural France and describes her childhood as one filled with freely exploring nature and horseback riding. Those carefree and happy memories are what influences much of her art today. Although she grew up in France, she currently lives in England with her husband and three children, working out of a home studio. She describes herself as a self taught artist who's colorful work is inspired by her love of nature ~ especially flowers, trees and birds. She also enjoys capturing beautiful faces. I have shown a few of her pieces here which I feel beckon Spring, but I encourage you to visit her shop on Etsy to see all of her wonderfully, whimsical artwork: www.sascalia.etsy.com You can click on the prints to be taken to the piece in her shop.

You can also visit her blog at: http://sascalia.blogspot.com/


hollyzhobby said...

Wonderful artwork, creative, whimsical and lovely colours.

Gaston Studio said...

Great work, I'm especially drawn to the ones of just trees and flowers.

Anonymous said...

very pretty!


Mandizzle said...

Great find!