Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thinking Green ~ Green Economy

This depressed economy might be just what is needed for everyone to rethink life and view many things in a more sustainable way. Here's an interesting article outlining 7 fixes from the Green Economy.

The 7 suggested ideas from this article are:

  • Green Energy - Green Jobs
  • Clean Energy Victory Bonds
  • Reduce, Reuse, Rethink
  • Go Green, Fair Trade, and Local
  • Community Investing
  • Shareowner Activism
  • Building Community
Click on this link to be taken to the original article which gives more details:
7 fixes from the Green Economy.


Gaston Studio said...

Good article; I especially like the Shareholders Activism and Building Community.

The Pink Bird House said...

Good article, once again. You always come up with the greatest things to post about. I like the idea of reuse, rethink, etc. If we can all get away from our "throw away" society, the world can be a better place. People shouldn't be so wasteful. It starts already with little things like turning the water off while we brush our teeth, or taking our own shopping bags/baskets to the grocery store instead of having to use new ones each time. Every little thing we do helps!!