Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Art Feature ~ A "Gallery" of Facts

Did you know that. . . .

  • Oil paintings generally cost less to frame than equally sized prints
  • Lighting on a painting needs to be dimmer at night and brighter during the day
  • Reputable galleries offer the same prices as their artists offer directly
  • An artist's best work is usually sent to his most productive gallery to sell
  • Fluorescent lighting causes more fading of artwork than incandescent lighting
  • Most artists are left handed
  • Giclee prints are just high quality ink-jet prints on fancy paper or canvas
  • Most couples do not agree on artwork for their home, initially.
  • Art prices are set just like other prices--by supply and demand
  • Added lighting almost always enhances any painting, regardless of style or color
  • Most art buyers acquire it to enhance their home interiors
  • Art has surpassed the stock market in appreciation over the past twenty years
Information from New England Art Gallery website ~ J. Todd Art Galleries in Boston, Ma.

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