Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday ~ Six Quick and Inexpensive Tips to Brighten your Home for Spring!

Steve Gross Photography - Country Living Magazine
Pull back the curtains and open the windows! Let the fresh Spring air come into your home and invigorate your senses, perhaps inspiring a few changes that will infuse your life with the energy that only Spring brings!

1. Rearrange your room. Our furniture is oriented toward the fire place in the winter which creates a warm and cozy environment. For a new summer look, rearrange the furniture to a view of a garden or other attractive outdoor scene. If you are not able to change the orientation of the room, simply clean out the fireplace of wood and add an arrangement of candles or perhaps consider covering the firebox with a lovely folding screen decoupaged with summer florals.

2. Take down the curtains and remove those area rugs to create a cleaner, lighter look. Clean those windows that have probably accumulated dirt and dust from the winter elements and let the sun shine. For texture try bamboo or natural fiber shades, indoor cottage shutters or simply add a swag of dried florals above your mini blinds.

3. Declutter the room of accessories and replace with a few larger pieces. In the past I have placed a larger, lattice garden panel (painted shabby white of course) in the corner of a room as a focal point with a large potted ivy in front of it, climbing the lattice. Climbing Tropical florals like Mandevilla also work well for this. A great way to bring the green outdoors inside.

4. Add a few florals with pillows or a throw. Using the colors that are primarily in your room, visit a fabric store or your local TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea or Anthropologie and find a few new colors to infuse the room with a pop of color and pattern.

5 Pick up a flat of Pansies, or other floral you can plant outside in another month and place in a pot for instant indoor color.

6. Create an inviting porch or entrance. Transform your entrance with something as simple as a few potted flowers or go a bit further adding chairs with floral pillows, garden accessories like bird houses to create an inviting space that says "Welcome".


Gaston Studio said...

What great tips! We 'attacked' our very large front porch this past weekend... cleaned up, rearranged, repotted some plants and added others and FINALLY installed the sunshine fountain we bought ages ago. After enjoying all of our hard work, we wondered why in the world we had not installed it before!

We even added some stray cats who have evidently decided our wicker furniture makes for a perfect day bed!

Rosebud Collection said...

Let me say this, it sure doesn't look like Waldoboro..Ha, ha..
Even freezing yesterday, was happy because the sun was out..

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Wonderful ideas, I enjoyed reading them. I think I hit on most of them in my decorating. Especially love the inviting porch or entrance. Unfortunately don't have a porch in my current home:):)

Carol said...

GREAT tips! I wish it would warm up here in Ohio! I love your blog, BTW!

The World's Dresser said...

Great tips! I've been on a declutter kick since the New Year - one of my resolutions was to throw away one item a day...so far so good!