Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday ~ Thoughts on Creativity

"From time immemorial the gift of creativity
has been venerated almost as if it were divine".
from the preface of The Act of Creation

Interesting creative ideas and solutions that became big business:
  • Consultants for this potato chip company were faced with this challenge: how to pack and ship chips to avoid breakage. They found inspiration in autumn leaves. When dry leaves are shoved into a bag, they break. But when the leaves are wet, they are pliable and pack easily and tightly. Wetting and drying potato flour during packing became the solution - as well as a brilliant marketing hook.
  • A father who was taking pictures of his daughter was deeply affected by her earnest wish to see the photographs at the very moment they were snapped. He was inspired to make photographic history with this invention.
  • In 1978, engineers for an electronics company tried to build a mini tape recorder, but only got as far as a mini tape player. The project was killed. The chairman heard about the so-called failure and combined the mini tape player with tiny headphones invented for another project, and this, the world's best-selling electronic device, was born.
  • In an unforgettable ad campaign for this home furnishings retailer, teams of men in coveralls invade subway cars, operating rooms and bowling alleys and transform them within minutes into cozy, functional spaces. The ad breaks the rule "home furnishings belong in the home."

If you said Pringles, Polaroid Lane Camera, Sony Walkman, and Ikea, you scored. So did these products as they generated huge profits. Each of the examples cited is the result of creative techniques - used either consciously or unconsciously - by people in business.

Talents bestowed at birth had nothing to do with it and neither did art. We are all creative. Psychologists have found that apparent differences in creativity among individuals are the result of how effectively we use our personal inner resources to become more creative. The belief is that creativity is a process. It is accessible to anyone willing to learn specific techniques and then to practice them - the same way you would nurture any other ability. Therefore, if you can think, you can be creative, you simply have to be willing to flex your "creative muscle".


kim* said...

that is awesome

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I love thinking outside the box. Also, I did not know that about potato chips.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

So....I'm thinking the creative process also involves filling a need.

John said...

I originally called the Sox to go against the Cubs but then decided I’d much rather see the Cubs trounce the Yanks after 102 years of no titles.

Peter said...

Fortunately there are some people who manage to develop their creativity! Somehow I guess we all do, but generally on a much smaller scale! :-)

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Denise! It's kind of like the "necessity is the mother of invention" theory. It works with art too.
I've always said that - everyone is creative!
Unfortunately, school budgets today cut art programs thinking art isn't that important. But your post shows otherwise - "art" is in everything!
Are you sitting on a chair right now? Probably. It was designed by an artist, by someone creative!
Thanks for stopping by my blog again.