Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Featured Artist ~ John Sullivan IV

My oldest son John graduates from Marist college today, so I am thankful we have post options on Blogger so I can write this post ahead of time and schedule it to publish today! John is graduating with a degree in Communications in Radio/TV/Film and a minor in Cinema Studies. He is a young aspiring film maker with his whole life ahead of him - how exciting! The following is a culmination of a semester class where John created his first short narrative film. It is presented here in two parts. The following is taken from his blog "Canned Cumulus":

Entitled “Dead Weight”, the film is set in the harsh post- apocalyptic world, where a young man named Drew must struggle with the balance between survival and responsibility to others as he journeys south to find what he is looking for. John Sullivan and Kate Costello star in this short student film directed by John Velasco at Marist College.

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