Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musings ~ Another Rainy Day

photo by Denise Dion-Sullivan
      Rain Music

      On the dusty earth-drum
      Beats the falling rain;
      Now a whispered murmur,
      Now a louder strain.

      Slender, silvery drumsticks,
      On an ancient drum,
      Beat the mellow music
      Bidding life to come.

      Chords of earth awakened,
      Notes of greening spring,
      Rise and fall triumphant
      Over every thing.

      Slender, silvery drumsticks
      Beat the long tattoo --
      God, the Great Musician,
      Calling life anew.

      by Joseph S. Cotter, Jr. (1895-1919)

      Trying to be positive despite another rainy day!


Doreen said...

very cool poem. I love it when it is raining. it does re-new everything and smells fresh after a rain.

paintingpam said...

Rain is good for Mother Earth! We can remain positive with that beautiful photo.