Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Thinking Green ~ It is easy to be Green!

Okay, so does Kermit like being green? Maybe when Kermit debuted this song being "green" didn't have the connotation it has now. (although my children were SS fans at the time and very eco-minded).

It is easy to be to green, which I think is the conclusion Kermit arrives at by the end of the song. Here are three simple suggestions to make your life greener.
  1. Reduce and Recycle: Participate in eliminating waste from landfills by sorting paper, plastic and metal. Most towns/cities now have drop off sites for recycling. Visit Earth911.com to find out about how/where to recycle just about everything.
  2. Teach your children to recycle and let that "cycle" continue. Click on the image of the children below for the 10 Best Recycling Websites for Kids that might be helpful and provide some summer fun!
  3. Say no to paper or plastic! Use shopping bags that are reusable and sustainable. Target offers reusable bags for under a dollar that are foldable. Search on the handmade site Etsy and support an artist or better yet, buy a FEED bag and support a project for the UN World Food Program. Proceeds from the sale go to feed a child for a school year (http://www.feedprojects.org/).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips and links. I've always loved Kermit - green is cute, huh???

Natalie said...

We are green, and loving Kermit! xx♥

Rosebud Collection said...

So enjoy Kermit..sometimes I am really good at being green..but then I slip. Heck, I try.

Tins and Treasures said...

I like the shopping bags you can use again and again. Thanks for sharing the links. Take care ~Natalie

Christie Cottage said...

I like handmade shopping bags because they last longer and hold so much more than the cheap ones from Walmart (no Target here).

Of course I sell them in my shop.

I have recycled cans for years. The small town where I live doesn't have recycling for any other items, or I would have hog wire fence barrels out back with plastic bottles in them for recycling.

Great post!

Rocki said...

Kermie! Love Kermit! Yes, I completely agree. We recycle here and try to be ever so cautious of what we use. It is more important to do so than people think.

Lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

YEAH for all those who are going green! It isn't that difficult to do, as your tips point out! And the rewards will be astronomical! Great, great post!