Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Organizing my Studio - Tuesday Tips

How have you organized your Art Studio? So many of us work in quite a variety of spaces from the corner of a living area, an extra closet, or perhaps in a slice of your basement. I am fortunate to have a dedicated office/art studio in my home. I admittedly took over the dining room last year after we decided we could survive with our eat in kitchen. Whatever space we might have I am sure we can all agree it is important to establish some semblance of order so we aren't always searching for things. I thought I would share a few photos on what worked for me. Feel free to share a comment or photo link in the comments area on your own suggestions. You can also click on the photos to enlarge.

My dining room hutch now used for storage of supplies. A corner niche for creating. The little storage unit above the table is handy for all those little bits for collage.

I enjoy using vintage glass jars and cups for jewelry items. Sectioned plates also work quite well for this purpose.

The vintage styled glass holder is perfect for corralling brushes.
Don't forget to think of vertical and horizontal spaces for storage.
I use tension rods and curtains to hide clutter where I can.

My desk is large and U - shaped which makes it great as a space to create my jewelry. As I type on my keyboard, I enjoy a bank of windows with wonderful views of my backyard. I do feel quite fortunate to have such a great space!

Lastly, let me introduce you to Misha my supervisor!

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GingerV said...

VERY professional.

nomadcraftsetc said...

WOW! You are way organized! We have a studio out on our property that we go to, but my office is still in the living room...will change that soon.

Lenore said...

Great photos and looks well organized....thanks for the look into your space.

Bonzai Beadwear said...

Looks awesome, so organized! love the pic of your kitty "supervising" lol!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I don't have a space for creating yet. I have a home office, but when I closed my business, I had to bring all the stuff from my business office home and now, it is cluttered with boxes of paperwork, fax machines, printers, computers and just junk. I've been overwhelmed and so I find it difficult to begin the clearing out of clutter. Once I do finally get it all cleared out, that will be my space for creating. It's kind of a dark room though as there is very little lighting and the window is in the opposite direction of my work space.

Your's looks very nice. I am envious.

Pauline said...

I am suffering a serious case of "space envy". I'd be too embarrassed to show where I work from. But if I draw the curtains on a nice day I have a lovely view. Different strokes I guess.

Dayzee Love said...

I love to take a peek into other peoples work studios! It's nice to see how people work! :)

Bridget said...

Thanks for sharing.