Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have a Green Halloween ~ Thursday Thinking Green

Making your own Halloween costumes can save you money and prevent another costume from ending up in a landfill. The Center for the New American Dream, a nonprofit that encourages responsible consumerism, compiled this list of conservation-minded costumes:

Bag of jelly beans: Get an empty dry cleaning bag, cut holes for your arms and legs, then step into the bag so it is loose around your middle. Fill with different colored balloons, then knot the bag to secure it around your neck.

Dirty laundry: Get an old plastic laundry basket and cut a hole through the middle, big enough to fit around your middle. Attach the basket to your body using suspenders and throw some clothes in.

Fireworks: This is great for kids. Make an outfit from brightly-colored clothes, adding streamers, glitter, and other swirly, sparkly decorations using fabric paint, safety pins, and a glue gun. Twirl, jump, do cartwheels -- and display the firecracker inside you!

Starry night: Wear all black clothing, buy a pack of glow in the dark stars, and stick them all over you.

Freudian slip: Wear an old slip over your clothes, get a big cigar, and make a nametag that reads "Sigmund."

Canvasser: If you have a clipboard, pen, and an outgoing personality, approach people by asking a few made-up survey questions.

Tourist: Wear khakis, a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, a straw hat, and sandals with socks.
Randomly take pictures of people (with or without film in your camera) and ask where the bus stops.

Wanted poster: Get a piece of poster board and cut a circular hole for your face. On the poster board write, "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!" Add whatever script you want to personalize it, such as a description of the culprit, list of crimes, and the reward... Be creative!

Bunch of grapes: Wear a purple outfit, blow up purple balloons, and stick them all over your body. Wear a green hat or paint your face green to represent the stem.

A fried egg: Get a cheap white sheet and cut a hole big enough to fit your head through. Paint your face yellow.

Superhero: Great for kids. Use a piece of a colored sheet for a cape and cover it with rhinestones and other decorations. Presto! You are your own superhero. Come up with a funny name and description telling your friends who you are and what your purpose is.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Denise, these are great tips! I've really been enjoying your blog. So many different and interesting things. Hope you have a great Halloween,
Canadian Chickadee