Thursday, November 12, 2009

Serve Organic and Local Food for Thanksgiving Dinner - Thursday Thinking Green

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Start planning now on serving a green Thanksgiving dinner by buying local, organic food. Serving local healthy, organic food for Thanksgiving helps you go green because...
  • The Global food trade,via air, land, or sea, adds to levels of greenhouse gases.
  • Local, smaller farm meats reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and other chemicals from polluting waterways.
  • Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are absent in organic food.
Here are some great resources I found on a site called Green Your, to help you find local and organic Thanksgiving food:
  • Eat Well GuideThe Eat Well Guide offers a free online directory of almost 9,000 farms, restaurants, stores, bed & breakfasts, and other outlets that offer sustainably farmed meat, poultry, and dairy products in the US and Canada. Enter your zip code or use the advanced search feature to look for antibiotic- and hormone-free animal products, as well as those raised via sustainable production methods, including organic, pasture-raised, and heritage.

  • Eatwild Directory of Farms Eatwild, a site devoted to information about grass-fed meat and dairy products, lists more than 800 grass-based farms and claims to be the most comprehensive directory in the US and Canada. Click on your state or use the alphabetical list of states. Producers listed guarantee they meet Eatwild's stringent standards. If you can't find products in your area or want products shipped, Eatwild also has a Farms that Ship directory.

  • Farmer's MarketSearch for Farmer'sMarkets in your area. This site provides state-by-state listings that include address, phone number, and hours of operation.

  • FoodRoutes.org local foodThe FoodRoutes Network sponsors Buy Fresh Buy Local chapters throughout the country. These chapters find ways to connect consumers to local food vendors via outreach education, community events, festivals, and farmers markets. Check for a BFBL chapter in your area to see where to buy locally grown produce, flowers, meat, and other foods.

    Local HarvestFind organic, sustainably grown meats, dairy products, and other foods at local farmer's markets, community-supported agriculture co-ops (CSAs), family farms, and restaurants in your area. Local Harvest provides nationwide directories. In addition, the organization offers locally grown meat and animal products from family farms around the country via its online store—everything from bison and emu meat to duck eggs and sheep cheese

For original post and more tips on Greening your Thanksgiving visit the GreenYour site by clicking on the turkey below:

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