Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings - Cabin Fever Cure

Are the walls closing in on you yet? Cabin fever setting in from long winter days? For a lift of spirits I like to rearrange a few things in my home by changing around some furniture for a different point of view and purchasing a few inexpensive decorative touches. I tend to go for a few plants and florals but a new print or vase in a Bright Spring color might suit you. Did you know that Turquoise was chosen as Pantones "Color of the Year" for 2010? You may consider incorporating a bit of this inspirational color into your room with small accent pieces or even painting a section of a room from this tranquil palette. Perhaps it will inspire thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and provide you with a calm escape from the winter doldrums. Just a few small changes or additions can be enough to transform a room's mood and your own!


Linda said...

Those are great photos. If it's your home, I wanna come there on vacation. hehe

And, I love turquoise!

Anonymous said...

Like Linda, I too love turquoise. The fact that Pantone has chosen it as the "in" color for 2010 must explain why I was finally able to find some pale turquoise (well, aqua really) lamps for our bedroom. I've been looking for years without any luck, and yesterday when I went shopping -- there they were!
Always enjoy your blogs.
Take care, Canadian Chickadee

PS - the comment verification word is "estosoli" --sounds like some sort of exotic new pasta!

peenkfrik said...

I'm wishing I can have a place like this. Pretty neat.... :)

Ellen said...

I love this color too and have incorporated into the bottom half of my kitchen! pics coming soon!

Glenda said...

I feel like I stepped into an oasis in these photos. So beautiful and in my favorite color, too. I need to come back here more often. Your blog is inspiring. Thanks!