Friday, February 5, 2010

Thinking Green - This one's for the Birds!

This winter join in the Backyard Bird Count. Assist the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology are asking people to keep an eye out for the birds February 12 through 15th, then record their sightings at birdcount.org (which also provides tips on how to identify various species).The data obtained will allow researchers understand the ways our feathered friends , like this Yellow rumped warbler, responds to changing temperatures and environmental shifts. Click on the photo to be taken to the website and join in! You can also watch the video below for more info on how to participate:

photo of Yellow-rumped Warbler, by Will Stuart,NC, 2009 GBBC


Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

We really enjoy watching our birds...more in the spring but they are still so pretty now.

paintingpam said...

The Bird Count is a really good organization and they and the volunteers are tracking our feathered friends. We have participated in the past.

Anonymous said...

Great cause ... :0)

Shirl x