Monday, April 5, 2010

Random facts - Monday Musings

Did you know.....An olive tree can live for several thousand years. I found this image on google images and it depicts a tree that is 1500 years old! Click on the photo to be taken to a website with interesting Olive Fruit Facts.


Bridget said...

wow, that's amazing...does it still produce fruit?

Denise said...

hello Bridget- I'm not sure if it still produces fruit - that's a good question. It is immense though!

Anonymous said...

The history of the olive is truly fascinating. Have you read British writer Carol Drinkwater's books about raising olives in France? She has written four books about it so far:
The Olive Farm -- The Olive Harvest -- The Olive Season -- and most recently The Olive Route, which tries to trace the history of the olive tree and the nurturing of olive culture over the centuries. I think you might find them interesting.
Canadian Chickadee