Friday, April 9, 2010

Thinking Green - Online Farmers Market

Head over to foodzie.com for the best farm fresh produce and delicious food items . The site has over 300 independent food producters and growers around the country. Discover new products and help vendors become part of our country's "food chain". You can search for products by location, ingredient, and popularity. There's even free shipping for orders over $100.00.


Doreen said...

I checked the link out. interesting! takes the fun out of going and walking through, seeing and touching the goods. I have a friend that has to have gluten free foods so sent the link to her.

Edibles Advocate Alliance said...

I like the concept of online farm markets. Shared Harvest is a website software that can be put into ANY community -- but each community are linked.
Check out how we're using Shared Harvest Connecticut!