Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Musings - "Seas the Day!"

World Oceans Day is tomorrow June 8th. The concept was started by Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeriro in Brazil on June 8, 1992. World Ocean Day is an opportunity to honor the world's ocean. Especially sobering in light of recent events on the American Gulf coast. The Ocean Project is a website dedicated to enlightening everyone on ways they may"Seas the day" and become a "Ocean minded consumer". Here is an intro from their website with the Seven C's (click on any of the hyperlinks below to be taken to their website filled with suggestions for each "C"):
  1. Commit to making a real difference
  2. Conserve in my home
  3. Consume consciously
  4. Challenge myself daily
  5. Connect in my community
  6. Communicate my interest and concerns
  7. Celebrate our Ocean
My hometown has a celebration planned that includes events for children. Visit the "The Ocean Project" and discover if your town has something planned or possibly give you ideas on how you might celebrate this year! Click on the hyperlink title or photo to be taken to their website.

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