Friday, June 25, 2010

Thinking Green - Eco Art

Ecological Art or “Eco Art” is a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about both the global and local environment as a whole. GreenMuseum.org defines it as:
"...environmental art is ephemeral (made to disappear or transform), designed for a particular place (and can't be moved) or involves collaborations between artists and others, such as scientists, educators or community groups (distributed ownership)."
Since these variables can make exhibiting this type of work difficult for traditional museums the concept evolved and greenmuseum.org was created. It is an online museum for the global environmental art movement. Interesting concept - check it out by clicking on the photo.
"Whalsay", built on the remote island of Whalsay in Shetland, Scotland, this sculpture forms its own sheltered space in a hostile environment. Elm with concrete foundations and steel fixings, length 7 meters, 2001

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