Friday, June 18, 2010

Thinking Green

Precycling is the practice of reducing waste or recycling by avoiding the use of items which generate waste. An example would be using cloth diapers, cloth napkins, cloth towels as alternatives to paper and eliminating the waste in your garbage and ultimately landfills. Here are just a few simple ways you can practice precycling:
  • Bring reusable cloth bags to the store with you.
  • Buy larger quantities of food and products, dividing into smaller portions in reusable containers which in turn uses less packaging.
  • Buy products with the least amount of packaging or none at all.
  • If you purchase products in containers make sure they are packed in recycled packaging. Help support green corporations (look for the recycled symbol usually found on the bottom).
  • Buy items in cardboard. aluminum, steel, glass, and plastic containers marked 1 and 2 ( They are stamped on the bottom). These containers are recyclable.
  • Buy less paper items and try using cloth napkins or towels for spills.
  • Donate used toys, clothing, etc. to charitable organizations.

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