Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Musings ~ "Tre-age"

We live in what I would call a rural, country home. It is about 3 miles outside of the town of Kennebunk, on a road called Alewive, otherwise known as Route 35. In the Spring of this year we were visited by an appraiser hired by the state who informed us of the Department of Transportation's intention to straighten out the curving country road and specifically the dangerous intersection that exists in front of our home. The state intended through the inherent power of eminent domain, to take 2000 square feet of the property bordering Route 35 and Thompson Road. Unfortunately for us, this was to also include taking down several majestic oak trees. These amazing, 50 foot tall trees had survived the Maine fire of 1947 and are probably well over 100 years old. The oaks as well as several pines line the front of our house not only seasonally moderating the temperature of our home but also protecting us from the numerous accidents that have occurred on this particularly dangerous corner.

I have to admit my initial reaction was one of slight relief as I wouldn't miss the millions of acorns that fall this time of year, denting our cars and littering our gravel parking area but soon realized such thoughts were selfish. My family all agreed we needed to protect the elders of our property so the phone calls began. Thankfully the project supervisor was sympathetic to saving these great trees and maintaining the country feel of our property. We did share their enthusiasm for making the intersection safer but questioned if it really had to be that particular design which would eliminate the trees altogether. He was honest when asked if any of them in the office had ever personally walked the property and accepted my invitation to visit.

To make a long story short he did visit twice and with the chief engineer, redesigned the project so that it would be more aesthetically pleasing and preserve the Grand Oaks! We are thrilled and look forward to the intersection becoming a much safer place but are so pleased our majestic oaks will continue to tower above our home providing their intended purpose when planted so long ago! Thanks Maine DOT!!! Oh, by the way did you know the Oak is “America’s National Tree.”

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