Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Musings

The current economy and resulting budget cuts challenge most US communities. One result is the increasing difficulty in keeping up with the quickly changing world of supplying technology to our schools. Digital Wish is a non profit with a mission selflessly geared toward assisting teachers & school administrators with the technology shortfall that exists in classrooms throughout the US. Educators can register on their website and build technology wish lists, describing how each resource will be utilized. Classroom stories are posted online, for review by any donor. Teachers can also fund-raise for technology or browse a free lesson plan library to find curriculum ideas. Digital Wish also works with many institutions to set up cost-free grant programs for schools, and matches every donation with an additional 2%-10% in funding. Sign up as a teacher or school by clicking on the above DW banner. I've also posted a video below describing who they are and what they do:

Digital Wish has also launched a campaign for the month of September that could land you a few items from your wishlist. Visit the link below where your votes will help Digital Wish make the technology wishes of over 500 classrooms come true. In order to win the funding required to see these wishes realized, Digital Wish must generate the most votes in the month of September and finish as one of the top two $250,000 awardees. If Digital Wish wins, US classrooms win! The classrooms that generate the most votes for Digital Wish will be awarded total classroom technology makeovers valued at $10,000. You can vote directly from your classroom profile on Digital Wish or from the link: www.refresheverything.com/digitalwish or Text 102499 to Pepsi (73774). Feel free to invite your students and parents to vote from your Digital Wish profile to raise your rank and make your classroom technology dreams come true!

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