Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Kudos to you Vanessa - so proud of you!
My niece Vanessa, wrote a poem, The Iris and Lotus, that was recently chosen as a Topical Winner in the 13th Annual National High School Poetry Contest. Her poem will be included in an anthology called "My World" published by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey. "My World" is an anthology of introspective poems written by teenagers for teenagers. The poetry chosen for the anthology is a reflection of how today's teens view their world and where they see themselves fitting into today's complex moral and social issues. Less than 2% of the poems received by the Live Poet's Society each year are chosen to be featured in the published anthology. It is scheduled for publication in early December. Vanessa (pictured above) is an intelligent and talented young woman of great depth for her young, 16 years. The photo accompanying the poem below is also her creation.

The Iris and Lotus

Here comes the strange boatman,
The one people always talk about.
Dressed like a shabby gentleman, with a shadowy face
And an iris in his lapel.
His paddle cuts through the water like a scythe,
Yet leaves no ripples in its path.
I know I will soon see him again,
He said he had another trip to make.
A single raven swoops across the river,
A perfect reflection of the clouds.
He lands among some Cyprus trees
Before catching a monarch butterfly.
I am picking the poppies near my feet
When the boatman reappears.
As I step into his boat
Wordlessly, he hands me a lotus flower.


Bagman and Butler said...

I can see why it won. A haunting poem. Congratulations.

Scriptor Senex said...

Most imaginative. Well done, Vanessa.

Pauline said...

A lovely poem. Your pride in her is well justified.