Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking Green

Did you know? A few paper facts:

  • Manufacturers sometimes use aluminum sulfate, a suspected reproductive toxin, to make paper. Factories also rely on dyes which contain a combination of harsh chemicals to give paper bags that consistent color. Many times it includes chlorine, which is associated with the release of dangerous toxins know as dioxins.  
  • We recycle only 10-15% of our paper bags. Paper is the #1 material found in America's municipal solid waste. (plastic is 4th).
  • One mature tree absorbs about 13 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Every ton of wood grown in a forest removes 1.47 tons of carbon dioxide, replacing it with 1.07 tons of oxygen.
  • Switching to recycled-paper bags can make a big difference. Besides saving trees, producing recycled paper creates 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution than producing paper from virgin materials.
  • Go one step further - purchase and use reusable bags. There are so many choices everywhere in all price ranges!
Read more facts via Earth911

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