Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Simplify

“A house is a machine to live in and from which all superfluous and irritating ornaments should be banished"
– professor of oriental studies A. L. Sadler

Americans are definitely a nation of consumers.  Perhaps this is changing as we have come to see how excessive we have been.  I find as I get older there is a peace and simplicity to having less.  With this said I have been wanting to tackle my clothing closet and rid myself of things I haven't worn in ages. It would be nice to also have more space, which would allow me to see what I could be wearing.  So here I am in February, in the middle of winter in Maine - what better time to celebrate the holiday Discardia!  What holiday you may ask??
Discardia "is a holiday to celebrate and teach letting go of what doesn’t add value to your life – whether a physical object, habit, or emotional baggage – and replacing it with what makes your world more awesome."
Well, I have decided I want awesome closets so I am going to celebrate Discardia today. I am filled with enthusiasm at the prospect (and I obviously need to get out more, here in the middle of winter, in Maine). Seriously, Discardia is a website where you can find great tips on organizing all aspects of your life (well ok, most aspects of your physical life). Click on the closet image above and "make room for awesomeness".  And if you choose to join in - Happy Discardia to you!


Pauline said...

Happy Discardia to you, too! Love the idea. Can I change the day to one next week? No, not procastinating just have plans for a beach walk today (to help with some mental discardia).

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! I'd never heard the word before, but it suits what I am currently doing to a tee (pun intended!). I have been gradually decluttering my house, and finally decided to tackle my own clothes closet. I've been working on the project for a week, and I am exhausted! But my formless wardrobe is starting to take shape, and I have the back of the SUV piled high with stuff that is GOING and never coming back. Some of the things I am giving to charity because someone else can probably use them, but a lot of things no longer fit my personality or needs, and they're just on their way out. The stuff that I have left in my closet is stuff that actually fits both my body type and my life. I've been reading Peter Walsh's clutter book, "It's All Too Much!" and do feel I'm making headway -- slowly!
Good luck with you closet clearing.
Peace & blessings, Denise -- Canadian Chickadee