Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure

Recently, I needed a new pair of slippers and came across these shoes that could serve multiple purposes. They are the new "exercise" tone up clog by Sketchers. I don't know if they work with shaping my legs (which would be a wonderful perk),  but they are very comfortable and are lined in fabulous faux fur. I hate wearing socks (or tying shoes), so the lining keeps my foot cradled in warmth and they are a quick slip on. The outside is a stylish suede in black but I think I have also seen them in brown and gray. They are designed as an outdoor shoe and although I am keeping them "clean" for slipper use, they are still perfect for a quick run to the mail box. I highly recommend them and may even end up buying a second (or third) pair for outdoor use!

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