Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thinking Green

I wear a very basic color palette - some would say bland: black, brown, and grays. I simply feel it is easier to mix my clothing this way. It is my way of "simplifying my life". This way most of my wardrobe matches.  I do however,  love accessories! I love jewelry, shoes, handbags and scarves to give my wardrobe a pop of color. I found this shop on Etsy called Tocamade that features upcycled scarves made of high quality fabrics like silk. I think I may be doing some shopping!

Tocamade on Etsy

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sara said...

Great find... those scarves are very pretty and would make a great accent piece with any of your favorite neutrals! I tend to stick to a lot of grey, black, and brown, too... then I add a splash of color like a necklace or scarf or sweater... simplicity is wonderful :)