Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

I love this bed alcove! The thought of a tiny place in my home where I can escape to is very appealing. Even though this photo was found on a post via Apartment therapys' website, ohdeedoh, a wonderful home decor site with children in mind, I love the idea of an adult bed alcove.  This was my favorite via ohdeedoh:
I googled "adult bed alcoves" and came across this post via Apartment therapy. A few other beautiful places to unwind! Oh well - one can always dream (pun intended ;)


Pauline said...

Aren't they fab?! The stuff of dreams - I want the one in the window!

Stoney Creek Mercantile said...

I love these alcoves as well! I created a similar feature in my home. I opened up a dormer closed and built a bed & shelves in the opening! :)