Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings -

As some of you know my son is in his second year as a design student at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston. He absolutely loves the school and the city. MassArt just opened a shop on campus called MassArt Made (where my son just happens to work), that will feature alumni and student work. Their mission is "to put MassArt talent on display and sell objects that underscore the creative impact of MassArt in a variety of industries and to create stronger connections between the college, the students, the alumni, and the surrounding community. The store, the merchandise, and the employees are touch-points for building the MassArt brand."
MassArt Made
My husband and I were recently in Boston for a few days and visited the store. There is a great selection of very talented artists represented in the shop. They will have their Grand Opening celebration tomorrow - April 12. You may want to read more about the shop here - MassArt Made. You can also click on the label under the poster to be taken to their website.

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