Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thinking Green

Okay, so I have admitted before to being a book addict. As a book person I am always intrigued with new and innovative design in bookcases. I recently came upon a shop on Etsy featuring some sustainable products. They are marketing themselves as eco-friendly and an alternative to IKEA furniture with the similar concept of shipping items flat but the added benefit is their furniture requires no tools.  Ecolok uses natural materials, with no veneered particle board. They are also 100% designed and made in Michigan, USA.  I particularly like this "Lokbox Ecolok Storage Cube"  bookcase. They are constructed from CARB certified wood and are harvested from sustainable forests. The pieces have a beautiful unfinished look, so you can leave them as is, put on a wax finish or paint them in any color to match your d├ęcor. When you buy more books you can simply add new cubes (as long as you have wall space). They are also quite affordable at $18.00 a cube or $42.00 for a three pack. So go ahead and click on Ecolok below the photo to check out their shop! 

other links: YouTube video on how to assemble a Lokbox:

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