Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Facinator's are all the rage since the Royal Wedding. But they have actually been popular millinery, as have hats, in Europe for some time. Fascinators, are an alternative to a hat. They are hair adornments created on a base of  either a comb, clip or band and are usually embellished with lace, feathers, flowers and other lovely bits. I found a few on Etsy I thought were especially beautiful. Click on the caption below each photo to be taken to the shop.

Sheron Rose


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. Actually, looking at the hats and fascinators on the guests at the Royal Wedding was part of the fun. I found a fabulous white hat with black and white feather flowers that I would have dearly loved but since no one in our society seems to wear hats anymore (maybe this will change?) I couldn't justify buying it. Sigh. Sometimes reality intrudes!!
Canadian Chickadee

Sheron White said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for including my heart fascinator!

I'm so glad hats are starting to make an appearance again. Take heart, Canadian Chickadee, they'll be back!