Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Musings - Creative Summer Fun with PVC pipe

When my sons were younger, summer was a time for kicking back and relaxing with rainy days spent reading or writing stories. They also had boundless energy which led them to participate in tennis and soccer camp, lots of swimming, beach-combing, camping, visiting nature preserves and museums, participating in local theater and whatever else suited their mood. I was always on the lookout for an outlet for all that creative energy. I read this post recently on Ohdeedoh and it instantly reminded me of the days they created swords with PVC pipe, plumbing insulation and duck tape. They and their friends would be entertained for days pretending to be Knights. We would have especially appreciated the movie screen as a finale to the dozens of nights spent outside around a fire-pit after a round of manhunt! Click on the link below the photo or here to be taken to the original post: "A dozen things you can make with PVC Pipe".
via Ohdeedoh


Bagman and Butler said...

I'll bet PVC pipe could be fun -- like a giant tinkertoy. (Tinkertouy? Do they still make those?) -- But having wrestled for a week with PVC pipe to make my irrigation system stop leaking, PVC is currently on my "never want to see again" list.

Denise said...

Yes exactly - Tinker toys. My sons loved those and PVC was simply life size. I would think you would not be too pleased with leaking PVC underground. sounds like a nightmare trouble shooting. Best of luck on your PVC "adventures".