Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musings

The next few weeks will be a time of saying goodbye for many families with their children going off to college. I'll have to admit from my experience it is a time of many mixed emotions from a parents point of view. I'm glad both of my sons are under 2 hours away so for now I get to see them more often.  It makes the whole "empty nest" thing so much easier.

For many teens, High School can be a difficult time. For several reasons, I personally couldn't wait to get out of high school and create my own path in life. I felt this so intensely that I finished high school in three years.  We all have our own story to tell as our lives and experiences can be so varied. So often we have no idea what some people endure, as we live in a world where it seems we are so often focused only on ourselves.

A friend posted the following video on Facebook. It was created by a young woman, Kenna, whose story is unfortunately similar to many. However, I like the unique way she chose to silently "tell" her story.  I thought this video was creative and worth reposting in the event it might inspire and perhaps give hope to others who may be experiencing difficulty in their own lives. As Kenna, may they draw upon their inner strength and realize life can and will "get better".

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kc said...

WOW. Is that ever emotional- heartbreaking & uplifting at the same time. Thank you (and her) for sharing such a personal glimpse into her life. I'm glad to see that she is overcoming her challenges and is happy after all. And what courage that beautiful young woman has!!!