Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Smile Print 
This is Evan. I love his self portrait. The smile reflects a confident and happy child as does the photo of Evan below
Evan is the grandson of Patti, a fellow artist who has a shop on Etsy whose photography was featured here on my blog ~  Loves Paris. Evan was born with EHK, a very rare skin disorder caused by a genetic malfunction at conception. EHK or  Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis  is a form of ichthyosis  and is characterized by scaly, thick blistering skin which makes the child highly susceptible to infection or trauma. You can read more about it here on Patti's blog ~ Loves Paris.  The wonderful Smile Print above  is a poster drawn by Evan and is being sold in Patti's shop where 100% of the proceeds will go directly toward EHK Research. If you would like to purchase this wonderfully happy print simply click on the caption Smile Print and make a difference by contributing toward finding a cure for EHK!


Kimberly said...

Thank you kindly for sharing my mother's posters with your readers. When it comes to EHK Awareness, every little bit counts in a big way.

Denise said...

Your welcome Kimberly. Evan is beautiful. All the best.