Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Another place to add to my "bucket list" - Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Back in 1949 this area was actually a "open to the public" dumping ground. Hard to believe but people would actually dispose of all types of garbage straight into this gorgeous oceanfront location. Dumping household garbage was common thus back in pre-recycling times it included lots of glass. Over the years the pounding surf rounded all the sharp edges so now all that remains is an amazing carpet of sparkling sea glass along the shoreline. What a treasure trove to Sea glass Jewelers, myself included! However, since Glass Beach is part of MacKerricher State Park, collecting sea glass is no longer allowed. It would still be a wonderful place to photograph and send time on it's glistening shores.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly there is almost no glass left on the beach