Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings

Color Personality Quiz

What is your color personality?  Okay maybe I was a bit bored, maybe just a bit curious. I took this less than five minute test and found out I have a "water personality". Seems pretty accurate as my favorite color is blue and I surround myself with tranquil shades of it as described below.

"Like a placid lake, water personalities are calm, relaxing, and quick to find their own level. Steadfast, tender, and sympathetic, they are drawn to tranquil colors, like robin's-egg blues and celadon greens. People tend to chill out in the presence of water types—and in their homes. The downside to having a water nature? Their mood can easily shift from serene and shy to a bit melancholy."

Interesting. What are you? Find out your color preferences by taking Real Simple Magazines Color Personality quiz.  Find the test by clicking on the caption below the color wheel above. Feel free to share your results here!

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Shel said...

What a fun Quiz. I took it and I'm an Fire. I took it again and selected my 2nd choices and I'm earthy. wild!! I would have thought water all around!!