Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings

I love visiting a local Preserve in Kennebunk called Strawberry Island (no pun intended). It is a bit of a peninsula off the beaten path that is a great place to walk my very energetic dog, Lucky. Only locals are aware of the area and it is quite rocky so it is never that busy. Once there I can take Lucky "off leash" where he runs, sniffs and explores to his hearts content. I visit on average once or twice a week and each time seem to find a variety of 'heart treasures'.  I have gathered a few photos I thought I would share with you this Monday morning.
An embedded 'heart rock' which actually is very deep into the ground.
Another embedded rock
Others are strewn by the sea throughout the Island's surface - beauty discovered by only the most discerning eye.


Another embedded into larger rock

My favorite - a Heart Puddle

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kc said...

I ♥ that you find hearts everywhere you look!