Thursday, May 3, 2012

My French Find

Around the Middle Ages, the French discovered the secret of using butter crocks to keep butter fresh and spreadable. Before the age of refrigeration, butter was often kept in earthenware pots, often submerged in water. The water-submerged butter crock (like the one I use in the above photo) is a modern day version of an old idea.
This design of butter crocks will keep butter fresh at room temperature on your counter for several weeks without spoiling. If the temperature goes above 80° F, the butter may slip out but won't necessarily spoil. You just have to remember to change the water at least once a week (I use cold water). The butter is protected from the air, and it remains at room temperature and won't tear your bread. It's also very easy to use in recipes. These types of crocks can be found on many websites such as L. Tremain. The informational below was taken from the L.Tremain website to introduce the concept of the butter crock and how it works. Click on this link or the link beneath the crock above to be taken to their website for complete tutorial and FAQ's on the official Butter Bell Crock:
1. Pour 1/3 cup of cold
water into the crock base.

2. Pack one stick of softened
butter into the lid. Press firmly.
3. Replace lid into the base. 
Now your crock is ready for use!

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