Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In the Studio -

For the past six weeks I've been taking a Metalsmithing & Jewelry class taught by talented Rachel Flaherty, at Warg Enamel & Tool Center in nearby Scarborough. It's been great as I have learned a few new techniques such as open backed bezels. I think this will be especially helpful with some of the new sea glass and beach stone designs I've been working on. I created this open back ring during the last two classes. The stone was generously given to me by a fellow classmate, Richard, who also happens to be a very knowledgeable geologist.
Richard cut this gorgeous bluish stone himself and explained it is called 'sapphire of the ancient' or Lapis lazuli and is a rock of metamorphic origin.
I was completely intrigued by the 'sapphire of the ancient' so did a bit of 'digging' on the internet and discovered it's storied history. Apparently Egyptian cultures buried a lapis lazuli scarab shaped stone with their dead as they believed it offered protection and symbolized truth. 

Other early cultures, such as the Greeks spoke of this ancient sapphire and considered it of equal value to gold. Some also believed that dreaming of lapis lazuli would 'foretell love that would be forever faithful'. It is a gorgeous stone with color that reminds me of looking down at the earth from space. Overall I am very pleased with the result.  Thanks Richard - you are a very kind and generous soul! 

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