Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In the Studio ~ Canned Cumulus Photography ~

My firstborn son, John, is a very talented photographer. He especially enjoys creating HDR photographic imagery. In my opinion, this particular type of photography is much more complex. 
Dublin Castle
HDR photography is an image consisting of several images which are taken at different exposure times and merged together to get a greater dynamic range between all the lightest and darkest areas of an image. Everything looks sharper, more like it did to your eye when you took the photo rather than what your camera captured. From what I have been able to learn, the ability to create HDR images is challenging and takes a lot more work to create. There are certain types of shots that work better than others for HDR, like photos with depth and texture. You also work with multiple images rather than just one. I don't know all the mechanics involved but in a nutshell, you have to shoot in Camera Raw a few times along with lots of post processing like HDR tone mapping, sharpening and editing beyond what one would normally do. It is not just a corrective procedure of rescuing photos by HDR but for those with a talent, like my son, it is an artistic endeavor.  John sets out to create HDR images from the onset and in my opinion, has a great eye for knowing and capturing what makes a good HDR image. 
Eiffel Silhouette
John recently opened an online shop under the name Canned Cumulus,  where he sells his HDR photographs and photographic dry goods. From vast landscapes near Dublin to fleeting moments throughout New England, John strives to capture and represent the scenes pictured as the mind remembers in that moment when the shutter clicks with all its vibrant detail. Check out his website at CannedCumulus.com and his blog Cumulus Photography. You can also like his page on facebook or follow him on twitter.  I've shared here a few of my favorites from his recent tour of Europe. Click on any of the captions below the photo to be taken to his website.

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