Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Finds ~

Happy weekend everyone!  Here’s a list of Friday Finds – random treasures and ideas on Pinterest that caught my eye, enjoy!

Check out these fabulous French Finds via original post at the Home Style File
a. Derriere La Porte Cake Storage Tin, $29.95; Derriere La Porte Loose Tea Tin, $22.00; both from French Bazaar
b. Paris Petit Board, $20.00 at Form.Function.Style
c. Fromage Brie Baker, $14.95 at Funky Homes
d. Cavallini & Co Paris Sticky Notes, $26.95 at NoteMaker
e. French Chair – Toile d’Araignée, $349.00 at French Boutique
f. Rustic Vintage Rattan Traditional French Bread Basket, $79.95 at French Dressing
g. Thea & Sami French Striped Linen Cushion, $79.00 at Hard To Find
h. ‘C’est le bonheur’ wall decal by Le Pré D’eau, $35.00 at Gallop Lifestyle
i. Kate Grenier Designs Magnets Six Pack – French, $21.95 at Kindred Gifts
j. La Beaujolaise Metal Clock, $65.00 at Furbish
k. Sac de Linge Laundry Bag, $24.99 at Malmaison
l. Exquisite Living Paris Tea Towel, $18.00 at Hard To Find
m. Durance en Provence French Savon De Marseille Olive Oil Soap, $15.00 at Hard To Find
n. French Ornate Mirror, $699.00 at French Boutique
o. Bold & Noble Print Map – France Print, $74.95
p. French Farmers Basket, $39.00 at Room Recipe
q. Izola PEVA Paris Shower Curtain, $39.95 at Gallop Lifestyle
r. French Country Metal Outdoor Wall Clock – Giant 101cm, $159.95 at French Dressing
s. Paris Floor Screen$310.50 $263.95 at Vavoom Emporium

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