Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Find ~

Sir Isaac Newton invented the first color wheel. A century later Johann Wolfgang Goethe began studying the psychological effect of colors. He noticed that yellow has a warming effect and blue gives a feeling of coolness. Goethe then created a color wheel showing the psychological effect of each color.
I'm thinking of painting my bedroom this winter. Maybe a soothing shade of white with a light blue ceiling to lift my mood. Not really sure yet but I found a few photos on Pinterest that are tempting. What is your bedroom color?


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kc said...

I wanted my new bedroom to be soothing and relaxing, like walking into a spa.....so we painted the bathroom a very pale aqua, with white trim & ceiling...the tile is very creamy light beige.

The bedroom walls are a medium aqua & the lowest part of the trey ceiling is the light aqua of the bathroom, while the inset (highest part)is a dark teal/aqua. Sometimes I just lie in bed, looking at the walls & admiring them! When my friends see it for the first time, they all say, "wow - it's just like walking into a spa!" Exactly the effect and mood I was going for! Good luck with yours!