Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the Studio ~

I love puzzles. I don't like any puzzles over 500 pieces as the pieces are usually too small for me to see well. I also like them to be varied in color and shape. In the past I would purchase a new one for Christmas each year and call it a "family" gift but everyone in my family knows I am buying it for myself.  I especially enjoy them in the winter and usually try to have one set out on the coffee table. On most days I need an mid day break and usually venture over to the puzzle table in the afternoon, accompanied with a cup of tea or chai latte. 

A few years ago I found these wonderful puzzles. They were created by the artist Alex Beard. They are called Impossible Puzzles and remind me of an M. C. Escher Print but with lots of color. Like Escher, Beard's art is filled with a mathematical quality and features very colorful whimsical animals, feathers and figures which are all in a seemingly, constant dance. It is a free form puzzle in that it allows you to create unending possibilities. What is also very cool is that it comes with a box that works like an easel, so if you don't have room on your table or don't have the space, you can create the puzzle on the easel. They are only 315 pieces, so Artistic and so much fun!

You can visit Alex Beard's studio here: http://www.alexbeardstudio.com/
And for kicks M.C.Escher art can be found here: http://www.mcescher.com/

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