Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the Studio ~

I like walking the beach and collecting sea glass. I find it along the shoreline in Southern Maine. The most frequently found colors seem to be green, brown and clear, all with a previous life as bottles for soda or beer. The best time to search the shore for sea glass is at low tide after a storm. When I see the bits of glimmer among the shells and beach stones, I think of them as little treasures that have washed up on the beach for me - a gift from the sea. On my list this winter is to make a few sea glass mobiles. Here is a great tutorial originally posted in Downeast magazine. Try making one of your own! Click here for the original link.
DIY Sea Glass Mobile or Wind Chime
Materials Needed:
Fine-gauge, transparent fishing line
Sea glass
Driftwood piece
any clear, fast-drying glue
Cord for hanging completed mobile

Select desired pieces of sea glass and lay them out approximately as they will hang in the finished mobile.

Cut lengths of line twice the desired final length of individual strands of the mobile, plus additional length for later tying the assembled strand to the mobile’s driftwood frame.
Loop the line around the first piece of sea glass and tie a square knot. Apply glue to the edge of the shard and the knot, and then tie a second, final knot atop the first.
Work on several strands at once so that each glued knot has time to dry before adding the next piece of sea glass to that strand. Space the glass pieces one to two inches apart.
Continue until all strands are assembled and tied. When all the glued knots have dried, tie ends of strands to driftwood base.

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