Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Find ~

A Reading Nook brings to mind a warm, cozy place to curl up with a book or magazine. It must include great light (preferably a sunny spot), a comfy piece of furniture (so one can relax), a side table for coffee or cool drink, and warm throws to take the chill off. I found a slide show on Terrain, a favorite go-to shop for inspiration. I love the watercolor illustrations and simple advice. 
I also searched on Pinterest for what people favored in reading nooks and came up with a few I found particularly inspiring. 
Love the Moroccan theme.
Handy bookshelf.  
Nice deep window seat for lounging (and taking a nap).

A few for the outdoor area would be nice. 
A garden nook is calming.
I'd probably fall asleep.
Cozy and perfect to feel cool breezes.
A refuge from city living.
These are great because of the view.
Pretty sunsets. 
I'd sit here even without the pillow and would simply gaze at the sea.

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