Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the Studio ~

My son Evan graduated with a BFA on May 24 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He has worked very hard these last four years with a major in Fashion Design and we are so proud of him. Here are a few photos of his Senior Collection - 'The Edge of Heaven' from the MassArt 'Studio 621 Fashion Show'. All photos are property of photographer Richard Bertone for Massachusetts College of Art and Design 'The Edge of Heaven' Senior Fashion Collection via Evan Michael Industry

Lace Cape with Beaded Leather Lingerie Set | This lingerie ensemble is a manifestation of this angel's memories of her lover and the complex dynamics of intimate relationships. The all consuming lace cape conceals the spirit's vulnerability and physically represents the relationships lengthy history. The hand-beaded leather bra and panty ensemble represent the emotional memories of past love, with the intrusive creeping of the beads representing the pain of longing slowly enthralling the memory. Talent: Edlin Michelle. Hair and Makeup: Peter Veth — with Evan MichaelPeter Veth, Edlin Michelle and Richard Bertone at The Castle At The Park Plaza.

Leather bodysuit  - 104 panels pieced together with crochet. Crochet and handwork has long been a technique used to grieve a loss of any kind. This process-inspired and driven look enraptures the spirit in their grief and longing. The fitted and seemingly restrictive silhouette shows the debilitating power of loss. Photos via MassArt. Talent: Alexandria Serafini; Maggie Inc. Hair and makeup: Peter Veth — with Evan Michael, Alexandria Serafini, Peter Veth and Richard Bertone at The Castle At The Park Plaza.

Leather and Viscose Pedestal Dress - The idealization of a partner inspired this sharp silhouette reminiscent of a column. The asymmetry of the leather bust protecting this angel's heart and gauntlet gloves creates a narrative of how one can be idealized by their lover despite a guarded disposition. Talent: Floresca Isme Hair and Makeup: Peter Veth — with Evan Michael,Floresca Isme, Peter Veth and Richard Bertone at The Castle At The Park Plaza.

Leather and Viscose Winged Dress - This illusion of a daring silhouette plays with the idea of comfort-zones as pertaining to love. The wearer can have complete freedom of movement depending on their apprehension to risk exposure through lifting the skirt. If they play it safe, they are in no fear of being hurt or facing embarrassment. If they are willing to take a risk, they can live the full experience the dress and symbolic relationship has to offer with a free spirit. Talent: Sara Maloney; Dynasty Models. Hair and Makeup; Peter Veth — with Peter Veth,Richard Bertone, Sara Maloney and Evan Michael at The Castle At The Park Plaza.

and the very talented Evan Michael!
We are so very proud of you Evan and look forward to seeing your future unfold! 

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