Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In the Studio:

I recently took over my dining room for a studio space. I relocated my dining table and took over the hutch for storage of Art and Jewelry supplies.
I have been attempting to straighten out all the 'stuff' that seems to accumulate in ones studio. Seems like a never ending task. I have also been destashing extra supplies and have listed the excess in the clearance section of my supply shop 'The Artists Closet' on Etsy. (Feel free to use coupon code "closeout" for 10% off your order of $25 or more). 
I love my recent purchase of a white storage unit from Ikea. Labeled drawers make it so easy to find jewelry supplies in a timely manner.
Bulletin boards with metric conversion charts are helpful as I am mathematically challenged. 
Labeled drawers corral beads, key rings in various sizes, charms, etc.
My desk where I have a lovely view of birds at the feeders and my backyard gardens. I also have a large mat and ceramic tiles I put down when I drill or solder. It works well to multi task surfaces and save space. 
My comfy place to work on my laptop and get caught up on paperwork.
My beading station. 
Lots of sea glass and sea marbles. 
Real tiny sea urchins waiting for some unique jewelry designs.
More sea shell stuff.
Cabinets where I store all the smaller bits and baubles. 

Metal tools, blades and drill bits.
Storage for silver wire, stamping equipment, saws and misc tools. 
Feel free to share photos of your studio and creative storage ideas.

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